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DNSlocator Reports and Lists

DNSlocator reports and lists allow you to query over 156 million domain records in order to gather a list of all domains that are housed on a given Domain Name Server. These results provide you with many opportunities, including:
  • Targeting an audience made up of websites hosted at a given hosting company.
  • Traffic Report and popularity of domains at a given hosting company
  • Determining current and prospective clients of a given hosting service.
  • Research on domains that are planned for future operation at a company or competitor. and may have not yet been publicized.
  • Reference information for nameservers that you own or control.
  • Information on future domain purchases and availability.
  • Determination of potential misspellings or related domains not yet registered by a competitor.
  • Traffic and Search Popularity for your all of your competitor's domains
  • Track and Monitor all Domain Tasting. Follow domain names from one name server to another.
  • Create your own "Drop Lists" by determining which domain names have been removed from a particular DNS.

To make use of DNSlocator, begin by performing a search. This will allow you to specify a specific domain server or company on which to perform the search. Additional options allow you to specify that results match predetermined criteria, such as length of domain, correct dictionary spellings, alphanumeric status, TLD, etc.

After performing a search, you will be provided with the first five results of your search. To obtain the remainder of the results, you must decide to purchase a list, or purchase a subscription to DNSlocator which will allow you to perform an unlimited number of subsequent searches.

It is your decision as to whether a simple list of results is adequate, or whether you would prefer a subscription which would allow you unlimited searches.

For more information, please see the comparisons of the various options and their respective pricing below:

DNSlocator Results LIST ONLY
This package provides you with a list of all domains resulting from your chosen nameserver.
Price:   Starts at $2 and varies based on list size.
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SUBSCRIPTION to DNSlocator.com!
(unlimited lists and searches)
  • Unlimited Searches on DNSlocator.com
  • Unlimited Search Results
  • Unlimited Lists
  • and more!

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If you should have any questions regarding DNSlocator, please feel free to contact us at support@dnslocator.com

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NOTE: Our service is only a guide as to how many domain names are hosted on any given nameserver. To determine the true size of an actual web hosting company, each name server associated with that particular host should be searched. Our search totals include .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .info and are limited to domain names that are considered (active) within each TLD zone.